News about concrete admixtures, colours surface protection
News about concrete admixtures, colours surface protection
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New high density technology by Ha-Be 

ANTIPOR® HD by Ha-Be is a new product series for semi-dry concrete based on a new type of high density technology. The series is equally suitable for the production of precast concrete and manufactured concrete products.
“Our innovative ANTIPOR® HD series consists of high-performance plasticizers that achieve a high degree of compaction of semi-dry concrete despite normal or low water addition. Producers of precast concrete and manufactured concrete products achieve an added technological value”, says Dirk Hülsmann, Manager Product Systems for MCP at Ha-Be Betonchemie.

The improved compaction would lead to better concrete strength. "Our test results show an increase in splitting tensile strength of up to 30%," adds Hülsmann. "This is how we create an essential basis for a very durable concrete."

In addition, the denser structure would reduce the water absorption of the concrete. Damages caused by weathering, efflorescence or freeze-thaw cycles would be minimized.

"In addition to these advantages, the use of ANTIPOR® HD obtains a very homogeneous appearance of the concrete surfaces. Especially for producers of manufactured concrete products an appealing aesthetics of their products is a crucial quality feature. In addition, rejects are reduced, which leads to cost savings. "

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