News about concrete admixtures, colours surface protection
News about concrete admixtures, colours surface protection
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In the spotlight: admixtures for tunnel projects

EGYPT PROJECTS is one of the most important exhibitions for the building industry in Africa. Our colleagues at Ha-Be Egypt informed about our admixture solutions especially for the tunnelling industry. Our product system for TBM tunnelling includes products for the application areas lining segments, annular gap mortar and soil ‎conditioning.
These systems are specially tailored ‎to the respective requirements of ‎the application area and thus contain products ‎specially developed for these areas of ‎application.‎

Product Concept Lining Segments
For lining segments, we have admixtures, such as superplasticizers, accelerators and stabilisers, additives, fibres, curing agents, protection, and release agents.

Product Concept Annular Gap Grout

For the production of annular gap grout, we developed conditioners, viscosity optimizers, additives, activators, and shrinkage reducing admixtures.

Products concept Annular gap grout
Last but not least, we developed special foams and polymers for the TBM excavation. Our product systems are designed for varying geological conditions‎ and improve the rheology of the soil into an impervious and plastic paste that can be easily excavated and transported. Thus, cutter head torque and tool abrasion are reduced while TBM performance and advance rates are increased.

And on top:
Besides the tunnelling products, we presented concrete colours and our fibres. Numerous guests visited our booth and found out about our comprehensive product systems as well as about our current projects.

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