News about concrete admixtures, colours surface protection
News about concrete admixtures, colours surface protection
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Innovative superplasticizer technology for precisely adjusting the workability time

Are you seeking precise control over the processing time of fresh concrete for your precast concrete elements?  We have some exciting news for you! Allow us to introduce our latest innovation: the PANTARHIT® PC83Xer  series superplasticizers. With our innovative high-performance superplasticisers, you can precisely adjust  the workability of your concrete. This leads to a smoother production process, shorter cycle times and lower energy consumption.
By precisely matching the consistency of the concrete to the respective requirements, production becomes faster and more efficient. All products in the range achieve high early strengths even at low temperatures and enable faster restocking of moulds, trays and formwork, which increases production cycle times.

In addition, the PANTARHIT® superplasticisers contribute to sustainability by achieving high early strengths at low ambient and curing temperatures. The concretes are characterised by a closed, low-porosity surface and a homogeneous appearance, which has a positive effect on the visual appearance of the products.

With the flexible modular solution of the PANTARHIT® PC83X series, you can ensure that your concrete mix is always optimally matched to the respective conditions and is of high quality.

Do you also wish for a precise adjustment of the processing time of the fresh concrete for your precast concrete elements?
Then find out here which product is right for you

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