News about concrete admixtures, colours surface protection
News about concrete admixtures, colours surface protection
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Admixtures supplied by Ha-Be Bulgaria

Levski Boulevard in the city of Varna, Bulgaria is the most important street in the town. Within two years it was extended to almost 3 km. Ha-Be Bulgaria supplied the concrete admixtures for this project.
The extension of the Levski Boulevard was extensive. In addition to ready-mix concrete, concrete for bored piles and side walls was used in the area of underpasses. The total quantity of concrete was 60.000 m3, Ha-Be Bulgaria supplied about 150 tons of admixtures for the concrete production.

Depending on the application, the concrete was produced with superplasticizers of our PANTARHIT® series, with the hardening accelerator ANTIFROST 45 (BE) and with our  crystalline water resisting admixture  DURAHIT® Crystal Ad 1000.

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